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Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

Tags: Ambassadors

Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

Acknowledged as Britain's greatest Olympian, Sir Steve won gold at five consecutive Olympic Games, a feat matched by only three other Olympians.


He has completed three London marathons as part of a challenge he set himself to raise £5 million in just five years. He set up The Steve Redgrave Fund to install rowing machines in schools along with a curriculum based programme.


Sir Steve has a long link with young people's activities - his mother established the Marlow Bottom Youth Club and worked for many years as a volunteer.












Sir Steve recently went to Leicester with Sadie Pickering to spread the word about myplace. You can read all about it in our feature article. And if that's not enough we have a video of Sir Steve talking to the crowd at Haymarket shopping centre about being a myplace Ambassador and an Olympic Champion.




Another of Sir Steve's outings as a myplace Ambassador was to Brent with another Ambassador Major Phill Packer. Read about their visit in our feature article and see the pictures of the visit in the myplace photostream.


Sir Steve continues working hard as a myplace Ambassador, more recently he visited Liverpool and Blackpool with Mandy Smith and Bongo Eddie. Read about the events in our feature article and see the video at Gleeds TV.


Click here to see Sir Steve's tole-rant

Click the photo to hear Sir Steve tole-rant about the bad press young people get as part of the tole-rants campaign, giving myplace as his positive solution.


A tole-rant is a constructive rant and you can see and vote for Sir Steve's clip, who is currentlyNo.5 in the most popular list,by clicking the photo. It takes 60 seconds to tole-rant and if you want to get your voice heard, all you have to do is to film yourself ranting constructively and upload your 60 second film on the tole-rants.


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