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MAHDLO turns Oldham on its head!

Brand expert and iconic graphic designer Rob Andrews worked with the Oldham Young Peoples' Development Group to help them choose a name for their Youth Zone. The final decision was between ‘The Edge' and MAHDLO (Oldham spelt backwards) ... and after a vote on Facebook - ‘MAHDLO' was born...  
The design is a new take on the stencil concept that arose from the moment when the architect sawed the original model in half (to create a central, glass-covered ‘street' running through the middle of the building). The stencil letters are also made up of two halves with a central gap ... symbolising ‘the street'.  The distinctive typeface is instantly recognisable even when its not being used to spell ‘MAHDLO'.  
Explains Nazma (Chair of Oldham's YPDG) ... "It's an unusual word that can mean anything we want it to! We discussed our hometown and decided that diversity was one of the best things about it ... although we would really like it to be a bit friendlier and have a better reputation.    So we want our brand to be simple but compelling ... it's a visual language and a way of writing things that is uniquely ours.  Its everything you expect from Oldham, turned on its head!"

Adds Rob Andrews " The name suits them; they confound any negative expectations that people might have about teenage kids.  In a town that has things wrong with it, they are everything that is right."

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